Happy Endings

by Kathryn A

Blakes 7 ( 100 words) [2004-06-4] OFC

Drabble on theme of 'happy endings'. Does anyone ever consider what happens after the happy ending?

B7 Friday: "happy endings"
Date: 4 June 2004

She'd been reading the fairy tales again. They were so sexist! (The word, along with the books, had come from Uncle Blake). Why did the princes always have the adventures, not the princesses? Not that she hadn't tried, but Father always spoiled her fun. He always seemed to know what she was planning. He was mean. She hated him. Mother was different. Mother had gone on real adventures; she wouldn't let anybody stop her, not her whole planet. Why she'd fallen in love with Father was a complete mystery.

"They lived happily ever after." Humph.

Happy endings make unhappy beginnings.