A Season of Wishes

(to the tune of "Scarborough Fair")

Dayna, Dayna, what do you wish?
It's so dull, this desolate place
Excitement, yes, to find something new
Most of all, to see a fresh face.

Dayna, Dayna, why do you weep?
For my father, murdered he lies
By Servalan, that queen of deceit;
I will hunt her over the skies.

Cally, Cally, what do you wish?
As you fight, as onwards you roam?

To see my kin, though exiled I be;
Though I cannot, I want to go home.

Cally, Cally, why do you weep?
For my home, my kin and friends.
Auron their tomb, forever they sleep;
Now my exile never ends.

Avon, Avon, what do you wish?
That my Anna never had died;
But since she's dead, revenge I will seek;
Though space is deep, that man cannot hide.

Avon, Avon, why do you weep?
Since the sentence fits the crime
Revenge I have against myself;
I killed my Anna, lover of mine.

Tarrant, Tarrant, what do you wish --
Where to stay or where to go?

My twin I've not seen for many a year
But where he dwells I do not know.

Tarrant, Tarrant, why do you weep?
For my breath, my soul is fled
My heart is stopped, my vision is dim;
My twin, my brother, Deeta, is dead.

Vila, Vila, what do you wish --
For yourself, for foe or friend?

That Avon would find Blake still alive;
He'd bring this madness to an end.

Vila, Vila, why do you weep?
Trail was false, the reck'ning was dear,
For Cally's dead, and Zen is in atoms;
There'll be worse to follow, I fear.

-- Kathryn A (1998)