This wiki has shortcuts enabled.

Some examples of using shortcuts include:

[[!google  foo]]
[[!wikipedia  War_of_1812]]

This page controls what shortcut links the wiki supports.

  • shortcut google points to
  • shortcut wikipedia points to
  • shortcut wiktionary points to
  • shortcut cpan points to
  • shortcut ctan points to
  • shortcut iki points to
  • shortcut ljuser points to
  • shortcut perldoc points to

To add a new shortcut, use the shortcut directive. In the url, "%s" is replaced with the text passed to the named shortcut, after url encoding it, and '%S' is replaced with the raw, non-encoded text. The optional desc parameter controls the description of the link.

Remember that the name you give the shortcut will become a new directive. Avoid using a name that conflicts with an existing directive. These directives also accept a desc parameter that will override the one provided at definition time.