Assistant : not the time to mourn
When he dies before your eyes
For many times he's changed his form
And every one was a surprise.
You may grow fond of certain ways
And miss them when they are no more,
Look sadly back on better days -
When he was how he was before;
But think on this when you'd have cried
Because the one you knew is gone -
If he'd been human, he'd have died,
But as it is, he still goes on.
He still remembers you a bit
(at least, he will when he is stable)
Eventually his clothes will fit,
And he'll be (if not willing) able
To take you to exotic lands
Quite commonplace to those who dwell there,
But even if you make demands,
It's certain not all will be well there.
And finally you may well leave,
Because you feel your time is done,
But he will have no time to grieve:
Along will come another one!

-- Kathryn A