The Finish-a-thon voting results! Authors in alphabetical order.

<cut text="results for A. Magiluna Stormwriter"> <b>Name:</b> A. Magiluna Stormwriter <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic <b>Rating:</b> all-ages <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> Continuation/reworking of my series "Apple Bloom and the Major Arcana of Ponyville" [located @]. Apple Bloom begins to learn about Zecora's tarot deck. In the process, she creates a personalized deck of her own. </cut>
<cut text="results for anr"> <b>Name:</b> anr <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Stargate: Universe <b>Rating:</b> adult <b>Type:</b> het <b>Description:</b> Scott/James. "Cloverdale"!AU. </cut>
<cut text="results for Dreamflower"> <b>Name:</b> Dreamflower <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Lord of the Rings/Indiana Jones <b>Rating:</b> all-ages <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> "Indiana Jones and the Stone of Seeing"; a strange small man named Roland Tucker-Hill approaches Indie for help in recovering some family artifact. (Begun from a Back2Middle-Earth Bingo Bash prompt.) </cut>
<cut text="results for EbeneezerDark"> <b>Name:</b> EbeneezerDark <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> "The Sentinel"/"Stargate SG-1" crossover <b>Rating:</b> teen <b>Type:</b> slash <b>Description:</b> Takes place post-series for "Sentinel" and sometime before to shortly after S.3#18 "Shades Of Grey" on "Stargate". While on vacation and hiking around the desert looking for petroglyphs, Blair and Jim stumble into the N.I.D.'s secret 'Gate operation. After questioning, the N.I.D. goons are fairly sure the Cascade cops' intrusion was accidental... but rather than kill them, they just toss them through the 'Gate to an uninhabited planet. Several months later, SG-1 happens to arrive on the same planet. By this time, both Blair and Jim are half-starved, Blair's on the verge of pneumonia, Jim's ready to KILL someone, and they believe the team which has just arrived is connected to the Bad Guys who dumped them in an alien wilderness with nothing but their day-packs and the clothes on their backs... </cut>
<cut text="results for Edellin"> <b>Name:</b> Edellin <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Doctor Who/Harry Potter <b>Rating:</b> teen <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> No title yet - Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover.Set during the third year when Hermione is using her time machine to manage going to all her classes, a slightly small crash happens and she meets someone that knows a lot about time travelling. I am going to use the tenth Doctor or the eleventh. I may add some small romance between them (more like a crush on Hermione's part) but I am not sure. Goal is to write at least 7 000 words. </cut>
<cut text="results for Estirose"> <b>Name:</b> Estirose <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Kamen Rider Kiva <b>Rating:</b> teen <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> In the aftermath of the series, Taiga decides to make his half-brother Wataru happy by finding a new food source for their people, the Fangire - one that isn't humans. But not everybody is happy with change, especially change proposed by a twenty-two year old King, and Taiga, Wataru, and their allies find themselves in danger. There's some past noncon in the fic, but otherwise it's pretty gen. I'll be trying for 8,000 words on this one. WIP, currently at: <i>Tied Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger <b>Rating:</b> all-ages <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> Gai's always wanted to be part of a Sentai team, having idolized them over so many years. But when he awakes one day on the ship and headquarters of the newest Sentai team - the Space Pirates that call themselves the Gokaigers - he now must decide whether he's living his dream or if he's being used to destroy all that he holds dear. AU. WIP, currently at: </cut>
<cut text="results for Jedi Buttercup"> <b>Name:</b> Jedi Buttercup <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Harry Potter <b>Rating:</b> teen <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> Back Again, Harry? -- Harry makes a different choice in King's Cross and is given the double-edged gift of a second chance. My most-reviewed, and longest, story to date. Last updated 12/1/2010 at 15 parts totalling 51,000 words; would commit to 7,000 more (or story's end). Story index: </cut>
<cut text="results for Kathryn A"> <b>Name:</b> Kathryn A <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Harry Potter <b>Rating:</b> all-ages <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> AU. What if Harry had taken refuge in the library as a child, and read a lot of SF/F books? How would he interpret his accidental magic? (Based on the premise in "Harry Potter The Arch Magus" by DragonBard) This seems likely to be an Epic (being a First Year AU) so I pledge to do 7,000 words. Quote: *Mrs. Hartigan noticed. Not that she said anything. She would quietly put books down on the table next to Harry; interesting books, fiction as well as non-fiction. Thus was Harry introduced to the adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog; he sailed through space with the trade ship Solar Queen; he learned about the power of Laran and wished he had red hair; he marched along with the Roman Eagles; and he shivered with the deep, deep cold of Between. He imagined exchanging riddles in the dark; he stepped with Lucy through a wardrobe door; he delighted with Charlie and his golden ticket; he foraged with Ayla and practiced being still and silent. Dudley wasn't a lynx, but Harry certainly wanted to avoid his notice just as much.* </cut>
<cut text="results for Killaurey"> <b>Name:</b> Killaurey <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Harry Potter <b>Rating:</b> teen <b>Type:</b> het <b>Description:</b> Butterfly Bound -- Theodore Nott x Hermione Granger. Sixth year AU. The damage dark curses do can't be healed. Or can they? When Harry lies slowly dying from an incurable curse, Luna suggests that they try to find the fabled universal cure. The problem is that the cure is supposedly found inside of a book that's belonged to the Nott family for hundreds of years and to use the book, one of the Nott family must willingly enter it along with whoever is searching for the cure. Hermione asks, Theo agrees--but why? And why does the fine print of the book warn that getting in is easier than getting out? </cut>
<cut text="results for Libby"> <b>Name:</b> Libby <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Harry Potter <b>Rating:</b> adult <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> Epic-length fic which I might have to go for the 'write 7000 words' option on. Story of the four founders; their lives, their friendships and hates, how they became such great wizards and witches and how they founded Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. </cut>
<cut text="results for Linaewen"> <b>Name:</b> Linaewen <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Lord of the Rings <b>Rating:</b> teen <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> Lords of Gondor -- Boromir survives Amon Hen and attempts the journey home before war with Mordor breaks out. My epic epic. Currently, there are almost 50 chapters posted, and I'm only half way there. I commit to writing 7,000 more words, which would see me well on the way to getting somewhere! </cut>
<cut text="results for Mojave Dragonfly"> <b>Name:</b> Mojave Dragonfly <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Highlander: The Series <b>Rating:</b> all-ages <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> "The Scholar's Tale" This is a part of a larger work called The New Canterbury Tales. This is the only one of the tales that remains unfinished. Methos tells a tale that combines The Thirteenth Warrior and Beowulf. </cut>
<cut text="results for Nico Mody"> <b>Name:</b> Nico Mody <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Doctor Who, Sherlock, Downton Abbey <b>Rating:</b> teen <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> This one is inspired by the web cartoon Dork Tower. Basically the Doctor grabs Sherlock from the present day and takes him (and John because I love John) back to Downton Abbey. I suspect people will go for this one and I really don't have any idea where I'd go with it. But I think it might be fun. </cut>
<cut text="results for sonneta"> <b>Name:</b> sonneta <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> Grimm <b>Rating:</b> teen <b>Type:</b> gen <b>Description:</b> A Grimm spin on "The Red Shoes". Based on the prompt found at: </cut>
<cut text="results for The RCK"> <b>Name:</b> The RCK <b>Author Page:</b> <i>Winning Story idea:</i> <b>Fandom:</b> The Ordinary Princess - M.M. Kaye <b>Rating:</b> all-ages <b>Type:</b> het <b>Description:</b> Nobody ever taught Amy how to be a queen. She has to learn on the job. </cut>