Scene from the End of an Unwritten Adventure

by AstroGirl

All around, explosions blossomed: the natives destroying the last of their oppressors' machinery. A happy ending, thought the Doctor. So why did he feel this restless lack of satisfaction?

He looked at Cally. The flicker of red and orange light across her face reminded him of firelight. He wondered what she was thinking; he never could tell. Ironic, given the telepathy, but it was one of the things he liked about her.

She turned and kissed him. The explosions began to die down. "Right," she said. "That's done. Let's go save someone else."

Ah. He smiled. There was the satisfaction.

Author's Notes

RedStarRobot, after writing a bunch of ficlets in response to various people's cracked icon-pairings, wanted someone to do hers. Sadly, all I could manage was yet more Nine/Cally, and a fairly lame bit of drabbleage, at that, but it does have explosions in it, which I know is a plus. I dunno whether it counts as a part of the "official" series or not, but it's definitely set after "Blaze."