Not Your Expected Psychopath

by Kathryn A

Buffy / Torchwood ( 100 words) [2010-03-08] ?John Hart

Bloody, but not William.

Challenge: tthdrabbles #093 - Mistaken identity
Disclaimer: Universes not mine. Words mine.

He stepped out of the swirl of light. He was striking: cropped blond hair; cheekbones sharp enough to cut glass; eyes as cold as Arctic ice. He strode through the dark streets with the relaxed alertness of a predator.

"Poor Spike, hear you've been neutered," a voice jeered. "Reckon we can have some fun, now."

The blond smiled. "Love to have some fun, boys, but I'm in a hurry." Quick as thought, a silver pistol was in each hand. A moment later the two thugs were on the ground, cauterized holes drilled in each forehead.

"Fools. I failed murder rehab."

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"John Hart" by Katharina F.