First Impression

Wish they'd go away
let me be.
'To be or not to be'
that mad Prince knew
as they cannot.
Concerned with their petty affairs
don't they know that nothing matters?
Existence may continue
but all the meaning left with you,
my love.
'Death' - what a small word
to describe such devastation.
My heart is a ruin
without you.
A cold hearth
never to be lit again.
A lump of ice
too numb for pain
a place of emptiness.
Cruelly, I survive
wearing this cool mask
frozen into place.
Indifference runs deep.
A snarl requires effort.
Civil answer, a habit.
"What went wrong?"
"I relied on other people."
Never again.
I am an island.
I am a rock,
sufficient to myself.
Leave me alone.
Bother someone else
Go away.
Let me be.

-- Kathryn A