Opposites Destroy

by Kathryn A

Blakes 7 ( 175 words) [2005-01-14] OFC

Ficlet on theme of 'opposites'. Some B7 prehistory.

B7 Friday: opposites

The madness has come even here. Clive attacked Anna this morning, and if she hadn't been trying out the TK booster she'd be dead.

We are the last ones left. The Sesla station went silent last week. Kate hasn't slept in two days, but it's no good. Researchers, scientists, the best biologists on the planet, and we have not found a cure. To think that a pesticide designed to interfere with the love-life of the lowly fly has instead turned men into homicidal killers. Violence tied to the sexual response. We thought it was just airborne, but it looks as if it's gotten into the food-chain now. No male past puberty is safe.

Civilization is doomed, unless we can find a way to preserve it. We may have to go with Pella's suggestion after all: artificial insemination. Ironic that we have the means all here, deep frozen for safekeeping.

A life without men. But we have no choice; if they live, they will destroy us. What strange world will we build for our daughters' daughters?

(Idea stolen from "The Screwfly Solution" by James Tiptree Jr.)