by Kathryn A (13-06-2006)

For the crossovers100 challenge.

        Fandom:  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy / Doctor Who
         Claim:  Doctor Who
    Characters:  7th Doctor
        Prompt:  #77 Trees
    Word Count:  100
        Rating:  family

"Energize demolition beams."

Nothing happened.

There was a polite cough at the Vogon Captain's elbow. "I should like to point out," said the man in the cream coat and the Panama hat, "that this hyperspace bypass was cancelled six months ago."

"The paperwork hasn't been recycled as firelighters," the Captain objected.

The man handed him a set of firelighters with "Vogon Constructor Fleets Paperwork Recycling" stamped on the side.

The Captain frowned.

"You might like to know," the man said, "that Gag Halfrunt is bankrupt. You didn't demand payment in advance, did you?"

And so the Earth was saved, again.

Author's Notes:

Well, paper is just dead trees, isn't it? This is based more on the HHGG book universe.

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