Transformative Works Policy

I would be absolutely delighted if you were inspired by something I wrote (or co-wrote) enough to want to create something based off of it. Really! Tickled pink!

However, there are the following caveats:

  1. Please do not remix my written works. I am much more comfortable when that is done in the context of a remix fest that I am participating in myself.
  2. Please do not remix my fan art. I am not comfortable with this.
  3. If you wish to write a sequel or spin-off of any of my fanfic, please ask. I may say yes, I may say no; I can't be sure beforehand, sorry.
  4. Please DO make podfic, art, fanmixes, vids, craft, translations, for any fanfic I have posted. You do not need to ask permission for this.
  5. Please DO write fanfic based on my fan art (see my gallery). You do not need to ask permission for this.
  6. If you have made a transformative work based on my work, you should include a link back to my work. Feel free to share the link to your work with me -- I'd love to see it!