Some directives that use PageSpecs allow specifying the order that matching pages are shown in. The following sort orders can be specified.

  • age - List pages from the most recently created to the oldest.

  • mtime - List pages with the most recently modified first.

  • title - Order by title (page name).

  • title_natural - Orders by title, but numbers in the title are treated as such, ("1 2 9 10 20" instead of "1 10 2 20 9")
  • meta(title) - Order according to the [[!meta title="foo" sortas="bar"]] or [[!meta title="foo"]] directive, or the page name if no full title was set. meta(author), meta(date), meta(updated), etc. also work.

In addition, you can combine several sort orders and/or reverse the order of sorting, with a string like age -title (which would sort by age, then by title in reverse order if two pages have the same age).