I am trying to create a tag cloud using:

 [[!pagestats   pages="tags/*"]]

Nothing shows up when I first used this directive. I found that I had to create a page for the tag for it to show up in pagestats. I would rather not find and create a page for every tag I have created or will create. Is there an easier way to create a list of tags?


Hello unknown person.

I think it would require a different approach to what "tags" are, and/or what "pagestats" are. The pagestats plugin gives statistical information about pages, so it requires the pages in question to exist before it can get information about them. The tags plugin creates links to tag pages, with the expectation that a human being will create said pages and put whatever content they want on them (such as describing what the tag is about, and a map linking back to the tagged pages).

The approach that PmWiki takes is that it enables the optional auto-creation of (empty) pages which match a particular "group" (set of sub-pages); thus one could set all the "tags/*" pages to be auto-created, creating a new tags/foo page the first time the [[!tag foo]] directive is used. See ?auto-create tag pages according to a template for more discussion on this idea. -- ?KathrynAndersen

Update: Ikiwiki can auto-create tags now, though it only defaults to doing so when tagbase is set. --?Joey