by Kathryn A

Buffy / Doctor Who ( 200 words) [2008-02-16] Buffy Summers, Eighth Doctor

Sunrise is her favourite time of day.

Challenge: tthdrabbles #72 Favourite Things, crossovers100 #31 Sunrise

Pink, yellow, orange, azure, gold, peach, salmon... She couldn't think of enough words.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

Buffy whirled, reaching for a stake. The dawn light on his face proved that the stranger wasn't a vamp, but he shouldn't have been able to sneak up on her. She was getting careless. But... there was something off about him. It wasn't just his fashion sense (very cool, actually, but velvet coats and white lace weren't particularly current). He looked human enough, with his brown wavy hair and gentle eyes, but... her slayer senses were telling her he wasn't human.

He smiled, accepting her stare, not startled by her sudden movement. "Sunrise is the most hopeful part of the day, don't you think?"

She relaxed. He might be uncanny, but he wasn't a threat. "Yes," she said, gazing again at the painted sky. How many times had sunrise saved her? "It's my favourite time of day."

He nodded. "The Earth turns its face to the sun; another night they've slept in blissful ignorance of the battles in the dark."

She shot him a startled glance.

He smiled at her again, with eyes full of secrets. "It's worth saving."

She grinned. "Yeah, it is."