When first it came
our death was forged by greed.
An empire vast, at its peak
broken by the incarnation of its selfishness.
We managed to banish it -
then celebrated it's destruction

The second time it came
our death was forged by despair.
Being lost in the Dark Place of the Inside
she made a pact of Possession
for the sake of a mutual escape.
But that evil could not bear
any reflection of itself.
Encircling images induced its retreat
for a time.

In its third coming
our death was forged by fear.
Advancing through dreams,
acting through agents,
feeding on panic and agony,
it ached to arrive,
but was frustrated by the still point;
confident tranquility
untouchable and independent.
Focus broken
it withered away
forever gone.

It is gone, isn't it?

-- Kathryn A