Travis's thoughts regarding rebels.


Enemies of the State
Rats hiding in your little hole
thinking yourselves so safe
with your plots of gnawing.
But we were here first.
We will always be there first
Fighting this infection
of disaffection
at its tainted root.
Civil prisoners? Never.
An enemy does not cease to be an enemy
if it surrenders.
Scurry, rats.
I will flush you out...
Man down!
Their leader is a rat with teeth.
Die, ra-

Careless. Careless. Half a man.
But more than man enough for vengeance.
Never leave a job undone.
You should have killed me when you had the chance.
One eye is enough to see
And one hand is enough to kill.
I am your death, Blake.
I always get my man.

-- Kathryn A