A matter of time, she said.
Indeed, it laid its toll on me.
This camel's back was broken
Though I cannot count
which one was the last straw.
They all came on at once.

She came to me at night
All blue.
Another madman's vision to converse with.
It was a change from the ghosts.
She offered, I answered, I could not refuse.
So much for volunteers;
Desperation is all the fuel they need.
Who would say no
when there's nothing to lose?
Nothing but one's humanity.

They took me then, and shredded me
and built me up again,
Took me as a core to forge their blade upon.
Molten and tempered, elemental.
Say goodbye to Avon,
Say goodbye to past,
Say goodbye to vengeance and to love.
There's nothing left.
Nothing but Steel.

-- Kathryn A