Five Scorned Women That Anya Might Have Met

by Kathryn A

Buffy / Doctor Who / Stargate-SG1 / Blakes 7 / Shadow / STReboot (100w x 5 500 words) [2011-03-09] ?Anya Jenkins

What it says on the tin.

Challenge: tthdrabbles #42 - Five Things

1. Martha Jones
Universe: Doctor Who/Buffy

Martha never got drunk. Well, hardly ever. After the year she'd had, she deserved this indulgence.

"You look like you could use a sympathetic ear," said the woman next to her.

"You have no idea," Martha said.

"Try me."

Martha grasped for something that wouldn't make her sound insane. "I walked out on him," she said. "He didn't even try to make me stay."

"Don't you just wish he'd get what he deserves?"

"I wish he'd lose his best friend, and it was his fault! I wish he'd find his beloved Rose and lose her to his identical twin!"


2. Sarah Gardner
Universe: Stargate/Buffy

"I give up!" the brown haired woman snapped. She took the letter she had been writing and ripped it into tiny pieces and tossed them in the bin.

"What are you giving up on?" Anya queried. "Or should I say who?"

"Daniel Jackson, that's who! He never writes, he never calls, I bet he's completely forgotten about me."

"Men! They're all the same. Don't you wish he'd get his?"

"I wish he'd get caught in a shotgun wedding, fall in love with his wife, and then lose her because she's been taken over by those precious aliens of his!"


3. Servalan
Universe: Blake's 7/Buffy

Servalan fumed. Her new manicurist, Anya, gently buffed her nails to perfection.

"I know that look, darling. Man trouble?"

Servalan frowned. "One particular man. I offered him power, a place by my side, and he rejected me! All because his paranoid fancies said I'd kill him!"

"Men never like strong women," Anya said. "They feel threatened."

"He felt threatened all right."

Anya layered on the blood-red lacquer that Servalan favoured. "If you had a wish, what would you wish on him?"

"If his precious Blake wasn't dead already, I wish Avon's paranoia would get them both killed," Servalan said.


4. Only The Shadow Knows
Universe: The Shadow/Buffy

The ravishing brunette toyed with her glass, staring at the Bloody Mary as if it were someone else's blood, blood that she wanted to spill.

"Who are you mad at?" Anya asked. "If looks could kill, he'd be dead."

"Lamont Cranston. Philanderer, that's what he is! Just because he's rich, he thinks he can do anything! Secrets my foot!"

"Don't you hate it when they do that? Demanding your own secrets without telling you theirs? Don't you just wish...?"

"I wish he'd fall in love with a woman who knew all his secrets, who he couldn't hide anything from."


5. Gaila
Universe: Star Trek: Reboot/Buffy

Gaila was ranting. "He used me! He used me to cheat on the Koybashi Maru! Sure, the sex was good, but just because I'm an Orion doesn't mean that I think with my vagina."

Anya murmured sympathetically.

"I wish he'd puff up with hives so bad he couldn't move his fingers! I wish he'd freefall from a shuttle! And get beaten up! And hang from a midair platform by his fingers! And jump off it! And be marooned on an iceball! And get chased by monsters! And get strangled! And shot at! And beaten up again! And strangled again!"