Health Benefits

by Kathryn A

In Truth Beauty Harry Potter / Buffy ( 100 words) [2009-03-11] Severus Snape, ?Anya Jenkins

It's green.

Done for tthdrabbles challenge #053 - Green

The steam rose gently from the contents of Snape's teacup. He frowned. "It's green."

"It's Japanese," Anya said. She took a sip from her own delicate china cup.

"That is hardly something to recommend it," Snape said.

"Green tea is full of polyphenol antioxidants," Anya said brightly. "They detoxify the blood, getting rid of harmful free radicals. Green tea reduces high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, fights cancer, and lessens the effects of aging."

"Muggle superstition," Snape said with a sneer.

"Since I don't happen to have a Philosopher's Stone," Anya said dryly, "I have to make do with Science."