Beyond The End Of Time

by Kathryn A

Doctor Who ( 400 words) [2007-06-06] The Doctor

It will be like magic to them -- but then, it always was, wasn't it?

Written for the "future tense" challenge at the Structuralism challenge LiveJournal community (but unfortunately the community journal has since been deleted and purged)

This has been remixed as Omega is not equal to One (The Future Is Now Remix) for the remixthedrabble challenge.

It will be like magic to them -- but then, it always was, wasn't it? So alien you will be, with a mind formed by different nature, different laws. As they swim through their aether, how could they comprehend what you were? Loneliness will be second nature to you by then. Second nature, indeed. The natural laws of the next universe will drive you to the edge of insanity, but you will weather it. Are you less than Yog-Sothoth or Saraquazel?

You will guide them in their firefly lives, so bright, so short. You will be just, and your vengeance will be terrible.

You will truly be the Lonely God.

They will worship you, and it will never be enough. Others will arise, the new overthrowing the old, and growing old and calcified in their turn. You will emerge again, and spawn a thousand heresies in your wake. You will be banished, but you will never die. It will be far, far too late for death by then. Like Omega you will be, mind without body, for only mind can survive the death of universes. You will be spoken of in whispers, sought out, brought back by arcane mysteries.

You will grow weary, so weary. Sleep will be your only solace. You will strike down those who wake you, for their presumption at disturbing your rest. Your name will be anathema, your time declared an age of darkness. You will be sought by those of evil intent, and they will die.

One day, you will be woken by a child's cry. Her sorrow will touch you, and remind you of those gone long before, of how you loved them. You will weep for what was lost, and remember that long before you were the Lonely God, long before you were the Oncoming Storm, you were the Doctor.

One who heals. One who learns.

You will sing to her a song you sang, many aeons ago, to your granddaughter. The child will hear you. Her body will glow with the colours of wonder. She will sing back to you, songs of her own, new songs. For as long as there are singers, there will be new songs.

You will recall what you had forgotten in all the death, the evil and the hatred, in all the things you fought against; the one thing, the most important thing of all.

Love never ends.


The Missing Adventures novel "Millennial Rites" by Craig Hinton is where Saraquazel comes from (and it also features Yog-Sothoth, but that being first appeared in the 2nd Doctor adventure "The Abominable Snowmen", though I don't recall that it was given any name there other than The Great Intelligence).