Your Attention Please

by Kathryn A

World Savers Doctor Who / Buffy ( 100 words) [2011-02-10] Buffy Summers, Tenth Doctor

This was not the way she wanted to stand up in front of a crowd.

Challenge: #102 - Give Me The Microphone

The passengers screamed as the room jerked and tilted. Whatever was attacking the dirigible must be enormous. Buffy crawled towards the stage. The bass player was curled over his instrument and the lead singer was out cold. She staggered up the steps and grabbed the microphone.

"Everyone, your attention, please!" she said. Giles, got to channel Giles, she thought. "The situation is being attended to. Please remain calm." The room jerked again and Buffy barely kept to her feet. "And grab onto something!"

There was one last jerk and something huge and grey plummeted past the windows. Doctor, thank you.