Gladdest Tidings

Restless, restless, I want to fly
To paint the sky lavender and blue
To chase the clouds and kiss the mist
To dance to the drum of a joyful song
Kick my heels and skip and twirl
Laugh and shout and wave my hands about
Walk in the sun and sing aloud
Or let the sound ring down an echoing well
I want to yodel on a mountaintop
I want to spin around and round and round
To stop and let the world spin by
To lie on my back and look at the sky
To smile until my face breaks
To laugh until my stomach aches
To whirl with a friend on a dancing lawn
I want to leap like the sun at dawn
To bask in the incandescent blaze
a puddle of tongue-tied happiness
To quietly hug this bubble of joy...
Perhaps I'll calm down - eventually.

-- Kathryn A