Small Stones

by Kathryn A

Blakes 7 ( 250 words) [2004-09-17] OFC

It is the small stones that start an avalanche.

B7 Friday: Original Characters

El called just after I got in from my shift. She looked worried.

"Thank the Goodness you're there! It's Family business. Come."

The screen went blank.

I sighed. El had a gift for taking in waifs and strays. The fact that she'd called me meant that this one was in need of medical attention. I grabbed my emergency kit and went.

She gave me a hug as I came in.

"You're going to get caught some day," I said as we went toward her cunningly hidden back room.

"The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Way," she replied.

"They're not going to martyr you, they're going to rehabilitate you!" A fate I thought much worse.

"The truth is the truth," she said.

I couldn't argue there. Because if they caught her, I'd be in the next cell.

The man on the cot was definitely not a waif. Dark hair, and a nose that belonged on an Old-Calendar coin. El had tried to bandage his wound, but it was still seeping. I set to work. Blaster burn, not too nasty but bad enough. The fact that he wasn't concious was worrying. But as Da had said, why pray when you can worry? I prayed. And worked.

The Word says that He knows the end from the beginning. I didn't even know it was a Beginning, let alone the what the End would be; that I was a link in the chain that would lead to the New Federation.