Ace In The Hole

by Kathryn A

Blakes 7 / Red Dwarf ( 400 words) [2004-08-28] ?Del Tarrant, Soolin, Ace Rimmer

Tarrant and Soolin get unexpected help. But remember, this is Blake's 7, not Star Trek.


Livejournal ficlet challenge, details at end.
Requested by: vilakins

"We're outnumbered."

"Bravo! The man can count."

"Can you shoot as fast as you talk?"


Tarrant and Soolin exchanged fire with the squad of troopers. Then one of the troopers fell whom neither of them had shot at. Tarrant caught a glimpse of brown hair, a pale face, a brown leather-clad sleeve poking around the corner of a building behind the squad.

"I don't believe it."

"What, you don't believe that we might actually encounter an unexpected, unknown ally? You're right, I don't believe it either."

"Oh, he isn't unknown. That's my cousin. Which is a problem, because Arn is dead."

"Yes, that would be rather a problem."

They concentrated on shooting, though Tarrant was off his form because he kept on looking at their mysterious ally.

"I don't think he's an android," he remarked. "His shooting style is too human."

"They make androids that can shoot like that?"

"My brother was killed by one."


Soon there were only a few troopers left. The trap had turned into an ambush.

"He could be a clone, but who would want to clone my cousin?"

"I thought the Clonemasters were destroyed in the Galactic War?"

"Well, they could have done it before the war, or maybe on Auron before it was destroyed, but it doesn't seem likely, does it?"

The unaccountable Arn waved his arm at them, gesturing them to come over to him. They stepped around the troopers' bodies and over to his side. He clapped Tarrant on the shoulder.

"Saw you were in a spot of bother, old chum, so I thought I'd lend a hand. Not that you'd really need it, eh, Sparkles?"

"Sparkles?" Soolin exclaimed.

"And who's the lovely lady?" He flashed a brilliant smile at Soolin, which outshone Tarrant's smile like a sun is outshone by a supernova. Soolin blinked.

"You are not my cousin Arn!" Tarrant said grimly, pointing his gun at the stranger. "You aren't even a good imitation. Arn never called me 'Sparkles'."

Before 'Arn' could blink, Soolin had her gun pointed at his heart. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't shoot you."

He turned his high-voltage smile on her again. "But surely a beautiful woman like you wouldn't shoot me?"

She shot him. He collapsed onto the ground.

"That wasn't a good reason," she said.

"Smoke me a kipper," he gasped. "I'll be back... for break... fast." And died.

Livejournal ficlet challenge details:
Requested by: vilakins
Characters: Tarrant, Soolin
Title: Ace in the Hole
Dialog: "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!"