Swifter, Higher, Stronger

by Kathryn A

World Savers Doctor Who / Buffy ( 100 words) [2010-03-08] Buffy Summers, Tenth Doctor

Buffy can't resist a challenge, especially when she's bored.

Challenge: tthdrabbles #095 - Swifter, higher, stronger
Disclaimer: Universes not mine. Words mine.

The Doctor slid out from underneath the TARDIS console. "Right, that should have fixed it." He looked around. "Buffy?"

"Yes?" Buffy said. She was perched in one of the branched coral-like pillars that encircled the console.

The Doctor looked up at her, his forehead crinkling in puzzlement. "What are you doing up there?"

"I was bored."


"It was irresistible."

He raised one eyebrow. "What was irresistible?"

She gave him a half-smile. "It must be my primate ancestry."


She leapt from one coral branch to the next, doing an acrobatic half-twist. "Don't you think they're a bit like monkey-bars?"