Conflicting Paradigms

by Kathryn A

Buffy / Doctor Who ( 100 words) [2007-02-08] Rupert Giles, Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor

Giles gets offered a ride.

Challenge: tthdrabbles #50 - Going for a ride

This is set earlier than "School Reunion", and later than "The Christmas Invasion".

"Anywhere?" asked the man in tweed.

"Anywhere in time and space." The dark haired man grinned.

Giles cast his mind back to the British Museum; dwarfed by those massive uprooted door-wards, carven bulls with the heads of men with long, stiff curly beards. "I should like to see the hanging gardens of Babylon," he said. "But not in the reign of Enlil-nadin-ahhe; he was involved in a particularly nasty demon-cult."

"Demons? You gotta be joking!" Rose protested.

"Aliens," the Doctor said. "Like the Sycorax."

"The Sycorax were aliens?" Giles exclaimed.

"Where were you last Christmas?" asked Rose.

"On the roof."