Five People Who Never Taught In Sunnydale (3)

Title:Five People Who Never Taught In Sunnydale (3)
Universe:Buffy/Tomorrow People
Notes:AU, during "Earshot".
Challenge:tthdrabbles #42 - Five Things
Summary:Buffy gets some unexpected help in "Earshot".

When Buffy opened her eyes, she saw their familiar, concerned faces peering down at her, their concerned thoughts beating at her.

An almost-stranger was sitting beside her on the lawn. "Miss M'Bundo?" What's my art teacher doing here?

Helping you. The thought was bright and painful, like a laser beam. Buffy winced.

Miss M'Bundo winced in sympathy. "Sorry." She squeezed Buffy's hand. "I know this is hard, but it will be over soon. You have the ability, but not the control. The door is stuck, half open. You must push against it; open your mind."

Buffy pushed, mentally, pushed against the pain.

"That's right. Open like a flower. Feel your mind unfold..."

Suddenly something clicked, settled into place. It was like like fixing a dislocated shoulder: there was still pain, but it was good pain, and so much less than it had been before. She could still hear the voices, all around, but they were no longer overwhelming; she could filter them out.

"Thank you, Miss M'Bundo!"

The teacher smiled. Call me Elizabeth. "There is still a lot for you to learn, how to control your abilities."

Buffy leapt to her feet. "But first, we have a killer to catch!"