Is there a way to have the generated maps sorted by title instead of filename when show=title is used? Thanks

-- Thiana

?map sorts by pagename and not title when show=title is used --?Joey

Question: Is there a way to generate a listing that shows both title and description meta information? Currently, a [[!map ...]] shows only one of the two, but I'd like to generate a navigation that looks like a description list. For example:

  • This is the title meta information.

    This is the description meta information

  • This is another title.

    And so on ...

Is that possible?


The site I'm trying to set up right now (not really a wiki - no public editing) is divided into topics. Topics are pages that have [[!meta link="/topic"]]. Topic pages contain an index of their subpages (done with [[!inline ]]); the subpages are the real content. I want a map in the sidebar that lists:

  • all of the topics;
  • all of the first-level subpages of the current topic only.

That is, if the current page is "Topic A" or "Topic A/Page 1", then the map should look like

Topic A
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
Topic B
Topic C

but if the current page is "Topic B" or one of its subpages, then the map should look like

Topic A
Topic B
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
Topic C

On the top-level index page, or on any other page that is neither a topic nor a subpage of a topic, the map should list only the topics.

Is there any way to do that? I don't mind mucking around with [[!meta ]] on every page if that's what it takes.

-- Zack

I think that you're looking for this:

pages="((Topic*/* or Topic*) and ./*) or (Topic* and ! Topic*/*)"

Let's pull that PageSpec apart.

  • (Topic*/* or Topic*) matches all pages that are underneath a Topic page or are a topic page themselves.
  • and ./* further adds the limitation that the pages have to be in the same directory as the page that is displaying the map. So, for Topic_A/Page_1, it will match Topic_A/*; for Topic_A, it will match Topic_* but not subpages.
  • Finally, Topic* and ! Topic*/* matches all the toplevel topic pages, since we always want those to show up.

I haven't tested that this works or displays, but I hope it gets you on the right track. PS, be aware of ?this sidebar issue! --?Joey

Thanks, but this assumes that topic pages are named Topic<something>. They aren't. They are tagged with [[!meta link="/topic"]], and as far as I can tell there is no PageSpec notation for "subpages of a page that satisfies link(foo)"... -- Zack

I think that the ideas and code in ?tracking bugs with dependencies might also handle this case. --?Joey

I feel like this should be obvious, but I can't figure out how to sort numerically.

I have map pages="./* and !*/Discussion and !*/sidebar" and a bunch of pages with names like 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 1/1.1, 12/12.3 etc. I want to sort them numerically. I see lots of conversation implying there's a simple way to do it, but not how.

No, you can't: map can't currently use a non-default sort order. If it could, then you could use ?sortnaturally. There's a ?feature request; ?a bug references it. --?smcv