Quantify Felicity

by Kathryn A

Universe: Stargate SG-1
Words: 100

"Do you know how lucky you are?" Sam gazed at Cassandra, laughing and throwing sticks for the dog.

"Oh yes, I know," Janet said, looking in the same direction. "It scares me, sometimes."

"Scares you?"

"Caring that much -- wondering what you'd do if something happened to them."

"I try not to think about that. It just makes things more complicated."

Janet glanced at Sam, a half-smile twisting the corner of her mouth. "Ah. Yes." Janet squeezed Sam's hand. "Look on the bright side -- your work doesn't take you away from him."

"The glass is half full, huh?"

Janet smiled. "Yep."

Done at the request of Sarah Izhilzha, who wanted a Janet and Sam friendship drabble.