It is difficult to determine an exact timeline for these stories; some stories are pivotal, some are incidental vigniettes which could almost be slotted anywhere. However, this timeline is a list of noteworthy events, and mentioned-but-unwritten adventures, as well as the written stories. And since this is a shared universe, it also doesn't necessarily have to have just one timeline either, since people can take it in different directions.

BEWARE: contains spoilers!

  • Untitled1
    Blake's 7: during "Terminal"; Doctor Who: after the Time War, before the Doctor would have met Rose in the canon universe. The first story in the sequence; the Doctor rescues Cally from certain death on Terminal.
  • Turning A Corner
    Covers exactly the same events as the first story, but told from Cally's point of view.
  • The Other Tenth Time
    somewhere on Earth, possibly the late 20th century
  • Dress Sense
    unknown, but they have already visited Earth a number of times, so this must be later 17th Century Florence; note that they have not visited this time-period before
  • The "Blaze" Branch
    In this turn of history, Cally & Doctor becomes Cally/Doctor. This is called the "Blaze" branch because "Blaze" is the first-written story which has this relationship, though it doesn't say in that story whether that story was the first time or whether it was an already-estalished relationship.
    • unwritten adventure mentioned in "Blaze"
      a rebellion on Tarexorius Beta
    • unwritten adventure mentioned in "Blaze"
      adventure with Zygons
    • unwritten adventure mentioned in "Blaze"
      explosives factory on Mars
    • Blaze
      Summer Solstice on a planet on the edge of the Sagittarius Arm; more specific date unknown, but they have been travelling together for quite a while. Note that Romana is mentioned to be dead.
    • Scene from the End of an Unwritten Adventure post-"Blaze" but the exact time is not clear. Explosions occur, in which oppressors' machinery is destroyed.
    • Lifted Now Skyward
      post-Blaze, with some adventures in between set on the same planet as "Blaze"