Memories Of Fire

by Kathryn A

Doctor Who / Buffy ( 100 words) [2008-01-07] Tenth Doctor, Willow Rosenberg

Some memories never go out. Spoilers for the Doctor Who episode *42*.

Challenge: tthdrabbles #72 Forgotten and Remembered

"Don't move!" The redhead flung up her hand. "Incendio!" Her hand was wreathed with a ball of flame, hot, but not burning her.

He flinched, then wondered why he had. Regeneration put a veil between the memory of death and the new life it gave; even death by burning. Then he realised it wasn't his death he'd flinched at. Not death, but possession; consumed by the rage of a dying sun. Burn with me. He couldn't forget that, no matter how he tried.

He saw an echo of that rage in her eyes. "Hello," he said gently. "I'm the Doctor."