by Kathryn A

(Posted to SenFic when I felt a bit down)

Blair sighed.

Naomi looked up from her seated lotus position on the floor. "What is it honey?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you, Naomi."

She smiled. "I can ignore explosions while I'm meditating, but the sadness of her only child will go straight to a mother's heart. What's the matter, Blair?"

Blair sighed again. "It's a puzzle," he said. "There's this place I like to hang out... It's cool. People tell stories and chat and talk about interesting things..."


"But it's like people are really crabby and snarky too. A friend said it was as if everyone was suffering from PMS all the time. And I've found it even affected me! You know how friendly I normally am --"

Naomi raised an eyebrow. "I seem to remember that time in Arizona --"

"Naomi! That was years ago!"

"Yes, sweetie."

Blair rolled his eyes. "Anyway, I've found myself getting really irritated too. It's not like me."

Naomi held her hands palm up. "It seems pretty obvious to me that this place is suffering from a serious negative energy problem. Have you done any cleansing?"

"Mom, I can't exactly burn sage there," Blair said. "And this friend of mine, she used to hang there, and she said it's always been like that." Blair sighed. "I'm not sure that burning sage would do any good."

"Oh dear, this sounds really serious!" Naomi said. "The negative energy is reaching out... Are you sure it isn't haunted? Violent death can have that kind of effect for decades after the event. I remember this house I went to in England --"

"No, I don't think anyone died there," Blair interrupted. "It would be kinda difficult..."

"People die in all sorts of places, Blair."

"Not on mailing lists, Mom."

"Oh." Naomi seemed nonplussed. "I can see that would be a problem." She brightened. "Maybe you could burn some virtual sage?"

"I don't think they'd go for it."

"Oh." She brightened again. "Maybe it's a curse! I could set up a prayer circle --"


"I know a really good exorcist..."