Collateral Damage

by Kathryn A

World Savers Doctor Who / Buffy ( 200 words) [2009-03-04] Buffy Summers, Tenth Doctor

The world-saveage exception does not mean compensation is not required.

Challenge: tthdrabbles #85 "Making Do"


"I am watching!" Buffy said. "They're nearly through the outer door."

"I need your watch," the Doctor said carefully.

"Oh." She didn't ask why, she just handed it to him. She heard the hum of the sonic screwdriver behind her. The huge double doors down the corridor were turning a rosy pink; she could feel the heat even here.

The Doctor leaped to his feet. "Right! Back door."

"But there's no back door."

"Not exactly a door," he said, darting across the corridor and opening a hatch.

"The garbage chute?"

"You'd rather stay here?"

"Of course not."

The fall down the chute was exhilarating and scary. The landing was cushioned by the mix of stinking glop and papers in the huge metal bin in the basement. Buffy wiped something smelly and unidentifiable out of her hair before she followed the Doctor over the side of the bin. They barely managed to get out of the basement when the building exploded.

"Your watch must be fast," the Doctor said.

"My watch?" She stared at the debris. "You used my watch in your gizmo?"

"Needed a timer."

"I need a new watch!" She plucked at her clothes. "And a new outfit."