Five People Who Never Taught In Sunnydale (2)

Title:Five People Who Never Taught In Sunnydale (2)
Universe:Buffy/Harry Potter
Challenge:tthdrabbles #42 - Five Things
Summary:Buffy gets in trouble.

"At least he could get some hair-care products," Buffy muttered to Willow.

"What was that, Miss Summers?" their new Chemistry teacher snapped. "Would you care to share your observations with the class?"

"Er, nothing, Mr. Snape."

"Since I am clearly boring you, perhaps you would like to explain to the class the difference between a precipitate and a suspension?"

"Er, one's very fast and the other is better than getting expelled?"

"I perceive that I am going to have to demonstrate to you the difference between attention and detention. I expect you at four o'clock this afternoon, in lab three."