The Rameses Connection

Reviewed by Kathryn A

When I started watching the first episode of the new season of the (new) Tomorrow People I wondered if I had hit a time warp and was back watching "Stargate". But no, the scenery was cheap, and guess what - there was a plot! And what's more, there were even characters! "Stargate" had no plot and one and half characters. "The Rameses Connection" did have a plot, even if it was an unoriginal one, complete with magical artifacts and pyramid power (though no aliens). That was the bad news. The good news is that, hooray, hooray, the new Tomorrow People have finally dropped the over-the-top villains. Christopher Lee as the top bad-guy was deadly serious and nicely menacing, and even when the henchmen were bumblingly amusing, it was realistically so. No, the makers seem to have made a policy decision; the comedy support is now to come from side of the good guys. Not Our Heros the Tomorrow People, but from their allies. Actually, I thought that Millicent and her um, amazing friends were a nicely creative touch: mystically mysterious, but not deadly serious.

Sid & Nancy scale: E. Nesbit does Von Daniken