Dragon Paths

Title: The Dragon Paths
Author: Frena Bloomfield
Genre: TeenKid, Fantasy
Copyright: 1973
Ranking: ?Unranked
Binding: Trade paperback
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Tom sat in the bright sunlight. Gloomily he turned over a handful of coins which he had laid out on the cobbles before him. The city rang noisily about him as he regarded the results of his morning's work. Most of the money he had begged. In a city full of beggars, he usually managed to persuade some among the passing crowds to toss him the small change from their money pouches. He did not pluck at their robes or whine, as the others did. He stood quietly at their elbows while they considered some purchase in the markets or in an open shop. Then, when they caught his grave eyes fixed upon them, they often gave him some small coins while they swatted the other beggars away from them. (opening paragraphs)