Title: Polaris
Author: Jack McDevitt
Genre: SF
Series: Alex Benedict (2)
Ranking: ?Unranked
LibraryThing: Title:Polaris ISBN:0-441-01253-1 (Add Book)
Type: Owned
Read: 2007-07-18

Sixty years ago, the space yacht *Polaris* was found deserted, the fate of its pilot and passengers a mystery. Now, to mark the anniversary of the disappearance, there is to be an auction of what was left behind on the ship. Alex Benedict secures some of the artefacts. And then an explosion destroys most of the collection...


The mystery dragged me in. I'm not sure I would be so absorbed on repeated readings. But, again, like A Talent For War, we have a lot of research and a lot of dead ends, and also the Mysterious Opposition who is trying to discourage them from investigating. Though I think this one was a bit more tense. I did figure out some pieces of the mystery, the clues were there, but not so much that it was no longer a mystery.

I don't know why the author made the choice to change narrators from Alex Benedict to his pilot, Chase Kolpath. Mind you, I think we learned more about Alex from seeing someone else's view of him.