The Totally Imaginary Cheeseboard

Editor: Jean Airey
Universe: Blakes7

Reviewed by Kathryn A on ?

One-story zine by Jean Airey & Laurie Haldeman

This is the only Blake's 7/20th century crossover that I have read that is actually believable, as well as being funny, interesting and poignant at the same time. Avon gets swapped with Paul Darrow at a Scorpio convention; the whole story is written as a report by one of the attendees. Normally I think such stories are silly, self-indulgent, only to be read once, but this one I keep on coming back to.

The companion story "The Other Side of the Coin", about Paul Darrow's adventures on the Liberator at the same time, does not work as well.

A sequel to both these stories has been written: "The Cost of the Cheeseboard" by June Bauer & Beth Friedman, but it doesn't stand up to the other two, though it certainly has its moments.