Star Surgeon

Title: Star Surgeon
Author: Alan E Nourse
Genre: SF
Ranking: Good
LibraryThing: Title:Star Surgeon
Project Gutenberg: Id:18492
Type: EBook
Read: 2008-05-08

Alan E. Nourse (1928-1992) was an American science fiction author and physician, noted especially for his SF works (such as Star Surgeon) combining both his interests.


I downloaded this story from the Gutenberg Project, but never got around to reading it until now. Very classic-SF in feel; kind of makes me think of early Andre Norton in some ways; we have a well-running Galactic Confederacy and lots of different alien life-forms, and the story is in the mould of a "coming of age" story, young man, wanting to make his life dreams come true, and the challenges and frustrations of same. Good YA stuff.