Old Man's War

Title: Old Man's War
Author: John Scalzi
Genre: SF
Series: Old Mans War (1)
Ranking: Good
LibraryThing: Title:Old Man's War ISBN:978-0-7653-4827-2 (Add Book)
Type: Owned
Read: 2008-12-11

John Perry did two things on his seventy-fifth birthday. First he visited his wife's grave. Then he joined the army.


Straightforward Military SF. The main character is engaging; a bit sarcastic, a bit garrulous, but likeable.

Lots of people dying, as one would expect; some heroically and nobly, some by their own stupidity. Little character portraits; not just guns guns guns, and while they're fighting aliens, they aren't Bug Eyed Monsters. Well, some of them are Bug Eyed, but they aren't monsters - they have their reasons, they aren't the Ultimate Evil, and humanity isn't lily-white either.