Morality For Beautiful Girls

Title: Morality For Beautiful Girls
Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Genre: Mystery
Series: No1 Ladies Detective Agency (3)
Ranking: ?Unranked
LibraryThing: Title:Morality For Beautiful Girls ISBN:978-0-349-11700-3 (Add Book)
Type: Owned
Read: 2008-07-08

With her detective agency in financial difficulty, Mma Ramotswe takes the hard decision to share offices with her husband-to-be, Mr J. L. B. Matekoni. But even though Tlkoweng Road Speedy Motors could do with a little help, it is Mr Matekoni himslef who requires her attention...


Reading this is like a breath of peace; the deceptively simple language, the kindness of the main characters, the intellectual engagement of mysteries, I just found it relaxing.