Deviant Strain

Title: The Deviant Strain
Author: Justin Richards
Genre: SF, Tie-In
Series: Doctor Who BBC Books NW
Ranking: Good
LibraryThing: Title:Deviant Strain ISBN:0-563-48637-6 (Add Book)
Type: Owned
Read: 2006-01-15

The first Who novel I've read that's been named after a typeface.

This one was much better than the previous one (Only Human). It had all three of them working together; Jack had a much better role. Both companions were useful in discovering things, helping to pull the information together. And the plot was pretty good, you had all the good Who elements -- monsters, myths, mysterious deaths, soldiers firing guns uselessly, last-ditch efforts, plan A, B, C and D (I'm not sure, did it get to Plan E in the end?). Yes, this was much better than The Christmas Invasion too. So I'm possibly reacting more positively than I might have if I hadn't been reacting against recent crap. But it was still decent.

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