Mirror Prince

Title: The Mirror Prince
Author: Violette Malan
Genre: Fantasy
Ranking: Okay
LibraryThing: Title:Mirror Prince ISBN:978-0-7564-0423-9 (Add Book)
Read: 2007-08-12

Max Ravenhill thinks he's human, but he's wrong. He's been given false memories by his Wardens, who don't want him to realise that he's been alive for over one thousand years...


I found this hard to get into; it dragged, the writing style was okay I guess, a little bit of telling-not-showing, a little bit of PoV mixup, but not too bad. But it didn't hold my interest, I kept on skipping ahead. Which doesn't really help.

The world-building... there were some good things there, some original takes, but I kept on wondering about the "why" of some of them.

It was okay.