Ravishing The Heiress

Title: Ravishing The Heiress
Author: ?Sherry Thomas
Genre: Historical, Romance
Copyright: 2012
Ranking: Good
Binding: Paperback
LibraryThing: Title:Ravishing The Heiress ISBN:978-0-425-25087-7 (Add Book)
Type: Owned
  • (30) Ravishing The Heiress completed H Start:2013-5-24 End:2013-5-25 (romance historical)
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I started reading this in the morning, broke for work, got home, then kept on reading it until three in the morning. Yeah, I really got caught up in it! Not even Heyer was that compelling.

Why? Because I was engaged and intrigued by the end of the first chapter, with the dilemma that the heroine was in love with the hero... and the hero was in love with someone else. Such angst! It made me cry.

But of course it all came right in the end, as a good romance should. A good friendshippy romance. Yes.