Reemergence: The M.I.A. Affair

Author: LRH Balzer
Universe: Man From UNCLE, X-Files

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Reviewed by Kathryn A on 2001-04-15

I bought this zine on the strength of the author -- it was written by L.R.H. Balzer, whose Sentinel stories I had enjoyed very much. I was not dissappointed. I don't know enough Man From U.N.C.L.E to be able to quote episode titles, but I've certainly seen enough of both MFU and X-Files to enjoy the characterisations here. And I simply adored the fish-out-of-water aspects of this story -- if Napoleon Solo were suddenly dropped into the nineties, how would he react? What was done here was plausible and fun. I wasn't quite sure I could believe what happened with Scully and Illya, but I didn't mind it. She is, apparently, working on a sequel (yay!)