Room With No Doors

Title: The Room With No Doors
Author: Kate Orman
Genre: SF, Tie-In
Series: Doctor Who New Adventures
Copyright: 1997
Ranking: ?Unranked
Binding: paperback
LibraryThing: Title:Room With No Doors WorkId 68370
Type: Owned
Read: 1997-02-14

Whee! She did it again! So I couldn't put it down, what's the surprise in that?

First warning - ignore the back cover blurb. It's misleading. It tells you too much about the wrong things.

Okay, what did we get?

The Zen - that was cool.

An angst-guilty Chris - of course since I haven't read an NA since... too long - I don't know what he was referring back to, except that it's presumably spoiled a previous NA, probably the one just before, "Eternity Weeps", yes?

Fanboy-Joel returns! And drops in a few fannish references, B5 included... Not to mention references back to "Return of the Living Dad" and "Sleepy". Probably other ones that I missed, too.

And the Doctor... his torture is on the inside, this time. Sort of.

Plus assorted "demons", legends, fighting, and codes of honour. And how many ways can one pronounce "Chris"?

And I love it how it all came together. Practically driving us nuts with not knowing what this ruddy pod is! Even though every man and his dog is fighting over it... typical, neh. And of course, driving us nuts wondering what the Room With No Doors is too. And What Does It All Mean? Read the book, and find out.

Can a house stand, if it is divided among itself? Can a Doctor stand, if he is not at peace? This does a bit of foreshadowing about the 8th Doctor's genesis, which is cool too. Hmmm, can you call it foreshadowing if we all know what it is referring to already?

This is a happening book - and not a happening book. The universe is not at stake, but that just brings it down to a level we can comprehend. People. There's certainly a lot of running around. And a lot of thinking, too.

Oh, look, I don't know how it compares with her others, I just enjoyed it. I liked it better than Sleepy, but then that was the one of Kate's that I liked the least.