Star Doc

Title: Star Doc
Author: S L Viehl
Genre: SF
Series: StarDoc (1)
Ranking: Okay
LibraryThing: Title:Star Doc
Read: 2001-09-20

Unfortunately when I read this, I happened to look at the blurb of the sequel as well, and therefore I already knew the Deep Dark Secret which Our Heroine was running from. But, fortunately, that didn't seem to mess with my enjoyment of the book, seeing as the Secret is revealed to the reader half-way through, rather than at the end.

If you like the Sector General novels, you'll probably like this. We have a likable heroine doctor, and the space-alien-medicine stuff is really good.

Where this story didn't work for me, was with the, er, love interests. (Also the cavalier, oh yes, humans and aliens can interbreed, no problemo...) You have this charming blue-skinned alien, whom Our Heroine is falling for... and I just kept waiting for the Big Letdown, because I simply couldn't see anything in him, apart from him being charming. And maybe it didn't help when he was introduced by his friend as "a heart-breaker"... so I was waiting for some heart breaking. Then there's the other guy, with all the charm of granite, but I felt sorry for him...

Unfortunately, there are also bits in this book that are definitely Not Reccommended For Children.

Sid & Nancy Scale: a glass electron microscope with a few mudstains