Doctor Who BBC Books

Doctor Who original novels written under the auspices of the BBC (as distinct from the "New Adventures", which were produced by Virgin Publishing); these were written as a continuation of Virgin's New Adventures (featuring the 8th Doctor).

  • Alien Bodies by Lawrence Miles (SF, Tie-In)
    On an island in the East Indies, in a lost city buried deep in the heart of the rainforest, agents of the most formidable powers in the galaxy are gathering. They have been invited there to bid for what could turn out to be the deadliest weapon ever created.
  • Dreamstone Moon by Paul Leonard (SF, Tie-In)
    Sam is on her own, but her distance from the Doctor doesn't make for a trouble-free life.
  • Genocide by Paul Leonard (SF, Tie-In)
    Years after leaving UNIT, Jo Grant receives a plea for help from an old acquaintance. A palaeontological study of the earliest known humans is apparently under threat from a UNIT force led by a captain who does not officially exist. Investigating further, she begins to find herself out of her depth - and out of the twentieth century altogether...
  • Infinity Doctors by Lance Parkin (SF, Tie-In)
    Sing about the past again, and sing that same old song. Tell me what you know, so I can tell you that you're wrong.
  • Revolution Man by Paul Leonard (SF, Tie-In)
    1967: The Revolution has just started. All you need is love - but the ability to bend space and time helps.
  • Seeing I by Jonathan Blum, Kate Orman (SF, Tie-In)
    He has no idea why Samantha Jones ran away from him.
  • Unnatural History by Jonathan Blum, Kate Orman (SF, Tie-In)
    "They called it the Millennium Effect," said the Doctor. "But the millennium was only the beginning."
  • Vampire Science by Jonathan Blum, Kate Orman (SF, Tie-In)
    In the days when the Time Lords were young, their war with the Vampires cost trillions of lives on countless worlds. Now the Vampires have been sighted again, in San Francisco.
  • Year Of Intelligent Tigers by Kate Orman (SF, Tie-In)
    The weather is going to hell. The tigers are coming to town. And the Doctor has taken his violin and vanished.