I started 6 books and completed 5 books in 2011.


  • (20) Zones by Damien Broderick, Rory Barnes (TeenKid, SF) [2000-01-22]
    completed H Start:2011-2-15 End:2011-2-16 (sf teenkid)
    Which Australian YA novels have the protagonists going to State schools?
  • (21) Harry Potter (7a) Tales Of Beedle The Bard by J K Rowling (TeenKid, Fantasy)
    The Tales of Beedle the Bard contains five richly diverse fairy tales, each with its own magical character, that will variously bring delight, laughter and the thrill of mortal peril.
    completed H Start:2011-3-12 End:2011-3-12 (fantasy)
    Harry Potter extra
  • (22) Liaden Mouse and Dragon by Sharon Lee, Steve Miller (SF)
    Aelliana Caylon has endured much, and finally, she appears to have won all: a spaceship, comrades, friends - and the love of a pilot she adores. Even better that her lover - the man who was destined for her, a man as much a loner as she - is also the Delm of Korval, arguably the most powerful person on all of Liad. He has the power to remove her and protect her from the toxic environment of her home Clan. Best of all, he agrees to sit as her co-pilot and her partner in a courier business. Even happy endings sometimes show a few flaws. Such as Aelliana's home clan being not as agreeable to letting her go as it had first seemed. And the fact that someone is stealing pilots in the Low Port, which falls within the Delm of Korval's honour. Oh, and the revelation that the man she loves isn't entirely the man she thought he was. And finally, she discovers that even the lift from Liad she'd so fervently desired is part of a larger plan, a plan requiring her to be someone she never thought she was or could be.
    completed H Start:2011-8-19 End:2011-8-21 (sf liaden)
    sequel to Scouts Progress
    2011-2-15 and I got all the way through up until the epilogue and then I got stuck 2011-8-19 Now starting again. Glad this begins with a recap of sorts. 2010-8-3 This was the sequel I didn't even dream of. And it's lovely.
  • (23) Theirs Not To Reason Why (1) Soldiers Duty by Jean Johnson (Military, SF)
    Ia is a precog, blessed - or cursed - with visions of the future. She has witnessed the devastation of her home galaxy three hundred years in the future, long after she is gone, but believes she can prevent it. But only if she becomes a soldier, on the right ship, the right company and the right place, to earn a reputation that will inspire those who follow.
    completed H Start:2011-12-19 End:2011-12-21 (military sf)
    Military SF by Jean Johnson, first in series
  • (24) Worldwalker (1) Truthseeker by C E Murphy (Fantasy)
    Gifted with uncanny intuition, Lara Jansen nonetheless thinks there is nothing particularly special about her. All that changes when a handsome but mysterious man enters her life and begs for her help. He says she is a Truthseeker, and the only one who can prove that he didn't murder his brother. The catch? Dafydd is a prince of Faerie, and he wants her to come with him to the barrow-lands.
    completed H Start:2011-12-30 End:2011-12-31 (fantasy)
    more than just a knack for truth


This doesn't count the ones I reverted the "start" date on.

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