Selected Cautionary Verses

Title: Selected Cautionary Verses
Author: H Belloc
Genre: TeenKid, Poetry, Humour
Copyright: 1940
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Binding: paperback
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*'The Microbe*' The Microbe is so very small\\ You cannot make him out at all\\ But many sanguine people hope\\ To see him through a microscope.\\ His jointed tongue that lies beneath\\ A hundred curious rows of teeth;\\ His seven tufted tails with lots\\ Of lovely pink and purple spots,\\ On each of which a pattern stands,\\ Composed of forty separate bands;\\ His eyebrows of a tender green;\\ All these have never yet been seen --\\ But Scientists, who ought to know,\\ Assure us that they must be so...\\ Oh! let us never, never doubt\\ What nobody is sure about!

I memorized "Matilda" when I was in primary school...